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21 Mei 2004
Perbaikan sistem billing dari aplikasi web ke aplikasi berbasis windows
01 Mei 2004
Pergantian sistem control panel / site automation dari Ensim ke Cpanel
20 November 2003
Soft Launch billing online status, segera dapatkan user ID dan password bila anda sudah menjadi pelanggan
10 Agustus 2003
Upgrade webhost manager, redesign interface web Modulindo.com, dapatkan harga terbaru yang lebih "menarik" untuk paket virtual host.
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Web Hosting For Begineer - New User's Quick Start Guide
Welcome to Modulindo Hosting! Let us help familiarize you with some of the steps to get your website up and running.

Step One: You will need a domain name. You can register your domain name for Rp. 150,000,- a year at Modulindo or you can register it yourself. If you'd like for us to handle it for you, just click "Register Domain" or click here!.

Important things to remember: Registering Your Domain name does not mean you have a website. It means that you have a domain name reserved for your use. If you've registered your domain name yourself, you will need to make sure that the nameservers for the domain (in the domain account settings) points to the server that you are hosting on. If you are hosting with Modulindo Hosting the nameservers should be: server.modulindo.com and launch.modulindo.com. If you need assistance with this step, contact customer support and we will be happy to assist.

Step Two: Hosting Your Website

Now that you have a domain name, you will need a place to put your website. Hosting is actually means leasing space on a server (computer) that is set up specifically for that purpose. Hosting Servers have features such as high bandwidth (Fast speed), extra security and the account features that you will be using with your website. These things are part of what makes a hosting server different from any other computer/server.

Okay, now you need to decide which hosting plan you need. Chances are that if you are setting up your first website, you won't need a huge hosting plan and can probably get away with one of our smaller hosting plans. Once you have decided which hosting plan you want, you simply click on "Order Now!" at the package or at the top of our pages and you will be taken to the order form page. We highly recommend that you read over our policies and guidelines prior to ordering so that you know exactly what allow and do not allow.

Once you have ordered your hosting plan, you will receive a welcome letter which contains all of your hosting account information such as your username and password along with instructions on how to get to your control panel. Your control panel gives you the ability to easily modify and maintain your account.

Now, chances are that you won't be able to reach the control panel using your domain name yet because it takes approximately 24 hours for the domain name to resolve (point to) our servers once you have registered it and/or modified the nameservers so that they point to our servers. So you will need to type in the ip number to reach your control panel and website for the first 24 hours or so. It will look something like this:

Okay. So you are set up with your domain name and your web hosting. Now you need to set up your email account(s) and design your website.

Step Three: Setting Up Your Email Account(s)

To set up your email accounts, log in as Site Administrator, click on "Mailboxes/Users" in your control panel. From the Mail Manager you can set up your pop email accounts, auto-responders, forwarded mail, catch all account, etc. When you first login you will see that there is already a default email account which is currently set up as your login name, ftp, mail, majordomo and root account. It will be yourusername@yourdomain.com. If anyone sends an email to your domain it will go directly to that account. You can either use that email address or you can delete it and add a more personal one such as "yourname@yourdomain.com" or "sales@yourdomain.com", etc.

Once you have set up your email address(es), you will need to add them to your mail program such as outlook or outlook express, eudora, etc. You will need the following settings to for setting up your pop email accounts:

Email Address = username@yourdomain.com
Mail Server user name = mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing SMTP Mail Server = use your ISP SMTP Server!
Incoming POP3 Mail Server = mail.yourdomain.com

Step Five: Designing Your Website

Designing your website can seem overwhelming if you've never created a website before. The most common choices are:

Some good tutorial websites for those do it yourself types :)

Please note that our technical support staff cannot help you with web design issues.